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Essential Q&A’s regarding Zakaat Al-Fitr – Rulings & Wisdoms

Essential Q&A’s regarding Zakaat Al-Fitr – Rulings & Wisdoms

It is incumbent upon every Muslim to seek knowledge and learn, more so before a particular act of worship is obligated upon him. Below is a concise summary of the basic rulings of Zakaat Al-Fitr.


Have we been made responsible to establish the Khilaafah?

What is your opinion regarding a person who says: ‘our responsibility and obligation is to strive and try our best to establish the Islamic Khilaafah.’ Is this advice correct or wrong?


Contemplations Regarding the Hajj 2015 Tragedy

Despite everything which has been stated above, and how Allaah decreed honour for them in their last moments, rather in their martyrdom inshaAllah. However this does not mean that we do not grieve over their deaths and feel hurt.