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An explanation of the statements of Salaah [Updated]

An explanation of the statements of Salaah [Updated]

Do you know the meaning of what you say during Salaah? This series of short lessons will explain the statements of Salaah from Takbeer to Tasleem


Combining the Prayer due to Rain – 5

Reference: The Permanent Committee ( The second Group (6/65) Question: In case we combine ‘Ishaa with Maghrib because of rain, is it permissible for a person to pray shaf’ and witr [night prayer] after praying ‘Ishaa in the masjid or does he have to wait until the actual time of ‘Ishaa arrives and then he (can) pray his sunnahs and then shaf’ and witr? What is better? Give us a fatwa (Islamic Verdict),


Combining the Prayer due to Rain – 4

What was noticed during Ramadhaan this year is the descending of some rain.Therefore, should the people combine Maghrib with ‘Ishaa? And if they do combine, should they pray taraaweeh ( the night prayer) immediately after that or what should they do?


Combining the Prayer due to Rain – 3

Question: Is it permissible to combine the prayers during a rainy night, whereas, it rains for some time and then it stops. Sometime the rain is a lot to the extent that it wets one’s clothes and sometimes it drizzles? (It is permissible to combine) even if it was not raining during the actual time that


Sujood ash-Shukr: Rules, Regulations & Innovations

This article details rules and regulations relating to Sujood ash-Shukr, as well as mentioning some innovations and a well known fabricated narration that has been taken from the Shia.