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Al Israa wal Mi’raaj and the innovation of 27th Rajab

A khutbah regarding the story of Al-Israa Wal Mi’raaj (the night journey to Jerusalem and ascension to the heavens) and the innovations associated with celebrating it on the 27th of Rajab.

An-advice to-some-virtuous-brothers-regarding-the-Mawlid

An advice to the people of Hadeeth regarding the Mawlid

I know with absolute certainty that Ahl Al-Hadeeth are the people farthest away from innovations and acts of shirk, however by congregating on this night and speaking about the birth of the Messenger in these days…


I will be the first person to celebrate the Mawlid if…

I will be the first person to celebrate Mawlid An-Nabawi if I truly believed that the most guided path is the innovations of the latter Muslim generation nots the adhering of the Sunnah by the early pious Muslims (the Salaf).