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Aashoorah: A day of fasting not a day of mourning

Aashoorah: A day of fasting not a day of mourning

Khutbah mentioning the virtues of Ashoorah and the love of Aal Al-Bayt


E-Book: 40 Hadeeth Destructive to the Ambitions of the Rawaafidh (Sh’iah)

The E-Book has been divided into various chapters, each chapter containing Ahaadeeth which negate the beliefs of the Rawaafidh.


Did Al-Hassan Ibn Alee (may Allaah be pleased with him) marry a hundred women?

A fabricated yet widespread story amongst the common muslims that Al-Hassan Ibn Alee (may Allah be pleased with them both) married and divorced up to 100 women.


The stance of Ahlus-Sunnah with regards to Yazeed the son of Mu’aawiyah

Due to this, the belief of Ahlus Sunnah and the Scholars of the Ummah is that he (Yazeed the son of Mu’aawiyah) should not be insulted nor loved.