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Extremists have no regard for the sanctity of blood

Extremists have no regard for the sanctity of blood

Extremists exist in Muslim communities like every other community, however they have no regard for any faith or sanctity


Seven Islamic Enlightenments Regarding the Suicide Attack in Stockholm

Download complete pdf Download complete pdf An excellent article shedding some light on suicide attacks which are taking place in Europe. Importantly this is not an article which merely condemns terrorism, however tries to understand the psyche behind the terrorists and how the justify their ideology. This article was written seven years ago by Shaykh Turkmani as a


To those who legislated in Islaam the permissibility of ‘Martyrdom Operations’.

A very insightful article emphasising the irresponsibility of those who permitted ‘Suicide Bombings’ such as Yusuf Qardawi, Salman Al-Awda and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Muslim Women in the UK: Between Integration and Segregation

The BBC recently published a news item entitled: “Muslim women’s segregation in UK communities must end”. The subject of the article was plans outlined by David Cameron to set up a fund of £20m to integrate Muslim women in to the UK.


Have we been made responsible to establish the Khilaafah?

What is your opinion regarding a person who says: ‘our responsibility and obligation is to strive and try our best to establish the Islamic Khilaafah.’ Is this advice correct or wrong?