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Do not belittle a person you see sinning

Do not belittle a person you see sinning

If you see a person sinning, how should you respond?


Invest in the Aakhirah with these seven actions

Anas Ibn Maalik narrates that the Prophet (sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “Seven actions for which the reward of a deceased person will continue whilst he is in his grave…”


To those who legislated in Islaam the permissibility of ‘Martyrdom Operations’.

A very insightful article emphasising the irresponsibility of those who permitted ‘Suicide Bombings’ such as Yusuf Qardawi, Salman Al-Awda and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Muslim Women in the UK: Between Integration and Segregation – Part One

The BBC recently published a news item entitled: “Muslim women’s segregation in UK communities must end”. The subject of the article was plans outlined by David Cameron to set up a fund of £20m to integrate Muslim women in to the UK.