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Five matters to bring victory to the Ummah

Five matters to bring victory to the Ummah

They are those who, if We give them authority in the land, establish prayer and give Zakaah and enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong…


Have Mercy Upon Salafiyyah…

A monumental advice by Shaykh Badr Ibn Alee Al-Utaybee to the Salafees with regards to their conduct and disunity, and the effect it is having on the Da’wah. Both the Arabic and English are included.


Contemplations Regarding the Hajj 2015 Tragedy

Despite everything which has been stated above, and how Allaah decreed honour for them in their last moments, rather in their martyrdom inshaAllah. However this does not mean that we do not grieve over their deaths and feel hurt.