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Let them call us Mumayyi’

Let them call us Mumayyi’

We strive, struggle and write, and we call to Allah, the mighty and majestic. Yet they say regarding us that we are Mumayyi’een, because we call with wisdom, leniency and gentleness.


Seven Islamic Enlightenments Regarding the Suicide Attack in Stockholm

Download complete pdf Download complete pdf An excellent article shedding some light on suicide attacks which are taking place in Europe. Importantly this is not an article which merely condemns terrorism, however tries to understand the psyche behind the terrorists and how the justify their ideology. This article was written seven years ago by Shaykh Turkmani as a


Readings from Rifqan Ahl As-Sunnah [13 lessons]

A series of lessons in reading from the monumental advice of Al-Allaamah AbdulMuhsin Al-Abbaad, entitled: Rifqan Ahl As-Sunnah bi Ahl is-Sunnah.