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Luqman the Wise: How to admonish your child

Luqman the Wise: How to admonish your child

Lessons from the admonishments of Luqman the Wise towards his son, and how we should admonish our children


Khutbah: Four Important Principles regarding Shirk

A Khutbah mentioning four important principles by which a person will realise the resemblance between Shirk today and the Shirk of the Quraysh. Taken from Al-Qawaa’id Al-Arba’


Is ‘Aqeedah an innovated term that has no basis in the Sunnah?

Various doubts are mentioned to belittle the blessed of Tawheed. Amongst the people of doubts and desires is Hassan Farhaan al-Maaliki Ar-Raafidhee Az-Zindeeq who claimed that the word ‘Aqeedah is an innovated term…