Muslim Women in the UK: Between Integration and Segregation

The BBC recently published a news item entitled: “Muslim women’s segregation in UK communities must end”. The subject of the article was plans outlined by David Cameron to set up a fund of £20m to integrate Muslim women in to the UK.

Contemplations regarding the attack on the offices of the French newspaper ‘Charlie Hebdo’

What occurred last Wednesday (7th January 2014) in France, the attack on the headquarters of the French newspaper ‘Charlie Hebdo’, was due to them mocking the Prophet of Mercy (peace be upon him) in 2011

According to which religion and intellect is the attack on a school in Peshawar & killing more than 132 children justified?

This heinous act, and other similar acts of killing and destruction which occur in the Muslim lands, can never be attributed to rational thinking, never mind attributing it to Islaam.