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It is legislated to say Dhikr loudly after Salaah

It is legislated to say Dhikr loudly after Salaah

An article outlining evidences to say Dhikr aloud after Salaah. It also contains a clarification of the difference of opinion between the Fuqahaa on this issue.


Using observatories and telescopes to determine when the month begins and ends

What is the Islamic way by which the beginning of the month is determined? Is it permitted to rely upon calculations of astronomical observatories to know when the month begins and ends?


Have Mercy Upon Salafiyyah…

A monumental advice by Shaykh Badr Ibn Alee Al-Utaybee to the Salafees with regards to their conduct and disunity, and the effect it is having on the Da’wah. Both the Arabic and English are included.