Performing I’tikaaf at any time

Reference: al-Fowzaan / ad-Da’wah 1550 – Rabee’ al-Awwal 1417H

Question: Is [engaging in] i’tikaaf in other than Ramadhaan permissible? And what is its [legislated] duration?

Response: [Engaging in] i’tikaaf is permissible at any time during Ramadhaan & other than it; However, [engaging in] i’tikaaf during Ramadhaan is better [as it is] in accordance with [what] the Prophet (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) [did], as well as for the superiority of the time (month). And [engaging in i’tikaaf] does not have any specified duration, [however] the longer the duration [one engages in i’tikaaf] the better, so long as [doing so] does not occupy him from that which is more important than it from [other] acts of worship as well as seeking provision (doing one’s job/work).

الاعتكاف في كل وقت

المرجع: الفوزان / الدعوة 1550 – ربيع الأول 1417هـ

السؤال: هل يجوز الاعتكاف في غير رمضان؟ و ما هي مدته؟

الجواب: يجوز الاعتكاف في كل وقت في رمضان و في غيره، و لكن الاعتكاف في رمضان أفضل اقتداء بالنبي صلى الله عليه و سلم و لفضيلة الزمان و ليس له مدة محددة و كل ما طال فهو أفضل ما لم يشغل عما هو أهم منه من العبادات و طلب الرزق.

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