Gateway to Understanding Aqeedah, Fiqh, Seerah & Tafseer

Name: Gateway to Understanding Aqeedah, Fiqh, Seerah & Tafseer.

Author: Notes compiled by Abul Abbaas Naveed Ayaaz from the explanation of Shaykh Haytham Sarhan.

Size: 257 pages (pdf: 15 MB)

Type: Book

Introduction: A comprehensive book which can be used as a teaching resource in lessons, institutes and Mosques in studying Aqeedah, Fiqh, Seerah and Tafseer. Contains some of the introductory texts which scholars advise with such as:

  • Usool Ath-Thalaatha
  • Qawaaid Al-Arba’
  • Arkaan Al-Imaan
  • Nawaaqidh Al-Islam
  • Ad-Duroos Al-Muhimma

Note: For enquiries to obtain physical copies of this publication, distribution, translation or donations, please email

He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2010. He currently resides in Nelson, Lancashire.

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How can I recieve a copy of this book in paperback form, and sent to the United states to me so that I may benefit from this?

At the moment we do not have any hardcopies left, however we are planning on printing them. Please keep an eye on the social pages for updates inshaAllah. Once we have more copies, if you contact us again perhaps we can arrange something inshaAllah depending on costs.

وبالله التوفيق

Salaamun Alaykum wa Rahmatu Allaahi wa Barakaatuhu

May Allah aid you in getting the hardcopy out. Much needed. Very beneficial. Jazaakum Allaahu Khair!

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